To contact a Jack & Jill Team Member, please call (954) 463-8772
and the corresponding extension, or click on their name to send an email.


Heather Siskind, Chief Executive Officer, ext. 205 | Bio
Maria Meyer, Chief Development Officer, ext. 203 | Bio
Susan Stanley, Chief Financial Officer, ext. 204 | Bio

Compliance and Operations
Tara Villanueva, Manager of Facilities and Procurement, ext. 210
T’Ywuan McCray, Custodian
Jose Vargas, Facilities Coordinator, ext. 124

OPEN, Grants Manager, ext. 257 
Amber Binford, Community Relations Coordinator, ext. 261
Emma Felce, Special Events Manager, ext. 206
Taqwann Fulton, Business Development Manager, ext. 217
Patti Hommes, Development Manager, ext. 246
Amber Kelley, Marketing Manager, ext. 255

Angella Schroller, Senior Director of Education, ext. 101
Ashley King, Director of Schools, ext. 4125

Finance and Enrollment
Bill Butler, Staff Accountant, ext. 234
Kathy CapobiancoEnrollment Coordinator, ext. 218
Lettecia Duplessy, Finance Coordinator, ext. 256

Food Services
Tashika Howard, Food Services Manager, ext. 4123
Carla Lloyd, Lead Cook
Brandon Carter, Food Service Support Staff
Norma Miller, Food Service Support Staff
Marquise Robinson, Food Service Support Staff
Antwon Striggles, Food Service Utility Personnel
Anthony Villanueva, Food Service Support Staff

Human Resources
Denise Athis, Director of People and Culture, ext. 231

Anne Meoli, Director of Health Initiatives, ext. 4118
Fenway, Therapy Dog
Quinzy, Therapy Dog In Training

Jeanette Johnson, Senior Director of Family Program, ext. 208
Tanisha Lewis, Senior Manager of Family Program, ext. 207
Marcia Scott, Case Manager, ext. 249
Amber Young, School Social Worker, ext. 258
Adrienne Williams, Case Manager/Parent Class Coordinator, ext. 264

Martina Costantino, Assistant Director of Early Education, ext. 114
Sharisse Brantley, Administrative Assistant

Room 103, ext. 103
Haley Crystal, Lead Teacher
Charlotte Reese, Teacher

Room 104, ext. 104
Justina Gomez, Lead/Mentor Teacher
Taylor Geddes, Teacher

Room 105, ext.105
Brandi Hart, Teacher

Room 112, ext. 112
Shamika Delcine, Lead Teacher
Sarah Ocean, Teacher

Room 113, ext. 113
Mary Thomas, Lead Teacher
Victoria Cook, Teacher

Room 117, ext. 117
Connie Hernandez, Lead Teacher
Sandra Brown, Teacher

Room 118, ext. 118
Tonita Richardson, Lead Teacher
DaMija Long, Teacher

Room 119, ext. 119
Nathalie Dorvil, Lead Teacher
Tenesha Gibbs, Teacher

Room 120, ext. 120
Janibel Torres, Lead/Mentor Teacher
Tjeneele Johnson, Teacher

Resource Teachers
Patricia Cartagena
Ameya Marshall
Sherry McNabb
Carline Sainvil
Andyka Tai

Rachel Nassiri, Assistant Director of Elementary Education, ext. 4115
Nefertari Graham, Administrative Assistant, ext. 4124
Tiann Harris, Administrative Assistant, ext. 4124 or 124
Alexis Marshall, School Counselor, ext. 4120

Constance McClendon, Kindergarten Teacher, ext. 4101
Gail Johnson, Kindergarten Teacher. ext. 4100
Arline Rodriguez, First Grade Teacher, ext. 4102
Tara Boeshore, First Grade Teacher, ext. 4103
Nehrida Chacon, Second Grade Teacher, ext. 4200
Sierra Gude, Third Grade Teacher, ext. 4201
Kathy Staten, Fourth Grade Teacher, ext. 4203
Tanzanier Wilson, Fifth Grade Teacher, ext. 4204

Classroom Assistants
Vicki Dinkins
Jacovia Griffin
Sylvia Rease
Jasmine Striggles
Angel Williams
Connie Wright

OPEN, Fine Arts Teacher
Manuel Gonzalez (Coach G), Physical Education Coach

Out of School Programs
Ivy Eddines, Enrichment Counselor
Nicole Grant, Enrichment Counselor
Rawd Hasan-Tous, Enrichment Counselor
Marianella Mendez, Out of School Manager
Brielle Roundtree, Enrichment Counselor
Laketris Salley, Enrichment Instructor
Shanika Smith, Enrichment Counselor