HEALTH Program

Helping Everyone Achieve Long Term Health

Children and families enrolled at Jack & Jill Center and the Madelaine Halmos Academy have unrestricted access to our HEALTH Program.

Led by our Director of Health Initiatives, the program provides comprehensive and integrated health services in collaboration with community resources for the children, families, and faculty of Jack & Jill Center. Services provided through this program are an essential piece of our comprehensive and holistic approach to strengthen children and families through innovative education, supportive programming, and community engagement.

The HEALTH Program was designed using the Centers for Disease Control’s Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model. Through comprehensive health assessments, provision of health services, preventative healthcare, and community partnerships, this program has a significant positive impact on the health and wellness of our children, families and community.

Schools are one of the most effective and efficient modes for reaching children to provide health services and programs. Through our HEALTH Program initiatives, including providing an on-site School Nurse, we reduce barriers to healthcare access and ultimately increase receipt of medical and preventive care. Our long-term goal is to ensure the life-long academic achievement, productivity, and success of our children and their families.

Wag-It Wednesdays

An innovative part of the HEALTH Program is using Animal Assisted Therapy with the children. Fenway the Therapy Dog is a regular visitor on campus. The children love working with Fenway and we have seen some positive outcomes. Attendance is improved on the days Fenway visits the school. Fenway is an integral part of our social-emotional culture that supports our students’ emotional health. The children are also learning life-long skills of living and safely interacting with dogs.

For more information, please contact: 
Anne Meoli, PhD
Director of HEALTH Initiatives
(954) 463-8772, ext. 4118